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Conservative Care of Urinary Incontinence Frankie Bates, RN, NCA VIEW
Improved Detection of Bladder Cancer Using Blue Light Dr. Jack Barkin, MD, FRCS (C) VIEW
Sysview - A nursing perspective Sigal Farkas, R.N. VIEW
IC /BPS: Easy Steps in Managing Complicated Patients – A Nursing Perspective Kerry Lynn Kelly, RN, NCA VIEW
Botox and the Pelvic Floor Dr. Colleen McDermott, MD, FRCS (C) VIEW
Sacral Nerve Modulation Liette Connor, RN, NCA VIEW
Peeing Too Much or Not Enough: New Technologies Dr. Dean Elterman, MD, FRCS(C) VIEW
The Unappreciated Impact of Androgen Deprivation Therapy on Quality of Life Dr. Andrew Matthew, PhD VIEW
Just a Typical Guy with PCa – A Walk Through of Management Grace Bradish, RN (EC), MScN, CON(C VIEW
Managing the Sexual Consequences of Cancer and its Treatments Jan Giroux, RN(EC), MScN, CCN(C), CON(C) VIEW
LGBTQ Health Care Updates Todd J. Bradley, RPN LGBTQ VIEW
Why Don`t People Listen? How Motivational Communication Can Improve Cancer Management and Adherence Dr. Kim Lavoie, PhD VIEW
UNC Annual General Meeting   VIEW