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General Session 1
Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment of Localized Disease

Introduction Neil Fleshner VIEW
MRI : Where do we stand in 2019? Masoom Haider VIEW
Biomarkers: From diagnosis to risk stratification Frédéric Pouliot VIEW
Active surveillance: Long term data. We continue to learn. Lawrence Klotz VIEW
Current radiotherapeutic approaches to treating localized disease Tamim Niazi VIEW
Treating M0 or nmCRPC Neil Fleshner VIEW
Discussion   VIEW

General Session 2
Emerging Diagnostics and Therapies in Advance Prostate Cancer

Introduction Sebastien Hotte VIEW
Theranostics and radioligands: Will this be the breakthrough? Himanshu Lukka and Katherine Zukotynski VIEW
Sequencing issues around ARPI Sebastien Hotte VIEW
Is there a Role for treating the primary in mCSPC? Robert Hamilton VIEW

Educational Forum
Swipe Right to Treat? Evaluating nmCRPC patient management strategies

Swipe Right to Treat? Evaluating nmCRPC patient management strategies Sebastien Hotte and Bobby Shayegan VIEW

Podium Session 1
Advanced Prostate Cancer, Testes Cancer & Kidney Cancer

Surgical castration in the management of metastatic prostate cancer: Current trends in androgen deprivation therapy Patrick Anderson VIEW
Factors associated with treatment completion and survival in patients with metastatic, castration-resistant prostate cancer undergoing radium-223 therapy in Ontario Sierra Cheng VIEW
Partial Orchiectomy: A review of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre experience Greg Nason VIEW
Second cancer incidence and competing causes of death in patients with early stage Seminoma: A population-based study comparing radiation therapy versus chemotherapy Gaurav Bahl VIEW

Keynote 1

Introduction Neil Fleshner VIEW
Keeping Pace with the Changing Treatment Landscape in Advanced Prostate Cancer Martin Gleave VIEW
Questions and Answers   VIEW

Cases 1

Canadian Clinical Cases Joseph Chin, Tamim Niazi and Alan So VIEW

General Session 3
Locally Advanced Kidney Cancer: Regional Node Dissection in Clinical Positive, Advanced RCC

Introduction Tony Finelli VIEW
Lymph node dissection at the time of Nephrectomy - Con Luke Lavallée VIEW

Keynote 2

Introduction Aly-Khan Lalani VIEW
Five-Year Outlook in The Management of Metastatic Urothelial Carcinoma Joaquim Bellmunt VIEW
Questions and Answers   VIEW

Keynote 3

Introduction Wassim Kassouf VIEW
Predicting Response to Immune Checkpoint Blockade in Bladder Cancer Thomas Powles VIEW
Questions and Answers   VIEW

General Session 4
Potpourri of Bladder Cancer Research Across Canada (Ted Talk style)

Introduction Wassim Kassouf VIEW
Optimization of surgical performance for radical cystectomy: Centralization of care and between-surgeon variation Adrian Fairey VIEW
Next gen oncolytic virus: Advancing intravesical bladder cancer therapy Ronald Moore VIEW
The search for a better biomarker Bernie Eigl VIEW
Photodynamic therapy for bladder cancer: Results of a phase Ib clinical trial Girish Kulkarni VIEW
Immune-checkpoint inhibition with radiation in bladder cancer: In situ and abscopal effects Wassim Kassouf VIEW
Molecular profiling in muscle invasive bladder cancer: More than the sum of its parts David Berman VIEW
Taking it up a NOTCH in bladder cancer Peter Black VIEW

General Session 5
Debates on Controversial Topics in Urothelial Carcinoma

Introduction Armen Aprikian VIEW
Open vs RARC Adrian Fairey VIEW
Open vs RARC Girish Kulkarni VIEW
Discussion   VIEW
Neoadjuvant chemo for all MIBC vs Neoadjuvant chemotherapy guided by molecular subtyping Nimira Alimohamed VIEW
Neoadjuvant chemo for all MIBC vs Neoadjuvant chemotherapy guided by molecular subtyping Peter  Black VIEW
Discussion   VIEW
High grade UTUC: Neoadjuvant vs adjuvant chemotherapy Rodney Breau VIEW

Keynote 4

Introduction Libni Eapen VIEW
Bladder Preservation for Invasive Bladder Cancer: Lessons Learned and Future Perspectives Robert Huddart VIEW
Questions and Answers   VIEW

Cases 2

Cases from the Multi-Disciplinary Clinic Rob Siemens (Chair), Alexandre Zlotta, Som Mukherjee and Peter Chung VIEW

Podium Session 2
Bladder Cancer & Other

Introduction  Michael Ong and Neil Fleshner VIEW
Clinical practice patterns of immediate intravesical chemotherapy following transurethral resection of bladder tumor in Canada Hamidreza Abdi VIEW
Are most patients >75 years old eligible for neoadjuvant chemotherapy prior to radical cystectomy? Aravinth Jebanesan VIEW
Neoadjuvant chemotherapy prior to bladder sparing chemoradiation for patients with muscle-invasive bladder cancer Di (Maria) Jiang VIEW
Robot-assisted radical cystectomy versus open radical cystectomy: A meta-analysis of oncologic, peri-operative and complication-related outcomes Christopher Wallis VIEW
Heterogeneity of immune checkpoint inhibitor response in advanced malignancies according to patient sex: A systematic review and meta-analysis of overall survival data Christopher Wallis VIEW

Keynote 5

Introduction Rob Hamilton VIEW
Genomics in Uro-Oncology Paul Boutros VIEW
Questions and Answers   VIEW

Keynote 6

Introduction Neil Fleshner VIEW
Frailty in Older Adults With Urological Cancer: Why is it Important, and What Can We Do About it? Shabbir Alibhai VIEW
Questions and Answers   VIEW

Keynote 7

Introduction  Kevin Zorn VIEW
New Horizons in the Management of Advanced Penile Cancer Philippe Spiess VIEW
Questions and Answers   VIEW

Keynote 8

Introduction Andy Evans VIEW
New Frontiers in Bladder Cancer: Genomics, Immunotherapy and More George Netto VIEW
Questions and Answers   VIEW

General Session 6
mRCC: Evolution and Future

Introduction Anil Kapoor VIEW
Cytoreductive Nephrectomy: Is there still a role for nephrectomy in patients with metastatic RCC? Ricardo Rendon VIEW
Biopsy of the small renal mass - Still controversial? Antonio Finelli VIEW
Questions and Answers   VIEW
Biomarkers in mRCC: Too Cold, Too Hot, or Just Right? Aly-Khan Lalani VIEW

Keynote 9

Introduction Anil Kapoor VIEW
Post IO Therapies: Sequencing in RCC in the IO Era Thomas Powles VIEW
Questions and Answers   VIEW

Podium Session 3
Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer

Introduction Neil Fleshner VIEW
Do elderly men (>75) harbor more aggressive prostate cancer? Comparison of decipher and pam50 tests among different age groups Hanan Goldberg VIEW
Improving quality of prostate cancer surgery by providing feedback to surgeons: The Surgical Report card (SuRep) study Ravi Kumar VIEW
Expression of ERBB family members demonstrates a potential to predict prostate cancer progression Sylvie Clairefond VIEW
Personalized medicine tool to characterize treatment response in ex vivo tumor-derived prostate cancer samples Kayla Simeone VIEW
After low-dose-rate brachytherapy monotherapy, biochemical progression free survival is strongly influenced by the number of adverse prognostic features: An analysis of 4150 consecutive implants W. James Morris VIEW

General Session 7
High-Risk Prostate Cancer Debate: Radiation VS Surgery

Introduction Neil Fleshner VIEW
High-Risk Prostate Cancer Debate: Radiation VS Surgery Gerard Morton VIEW
High-Risk Prostate Cancer Debate: Radiation VS Surgery Lawrence Klotz VIEW
Discussion   VIEW
Closing Remarks  Neil Fleshner, Aly-Khan Lalani, and Himu Lukka VIEW