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Opening remarks & welcome Neil Fleshner VIEW
Prostate cancer screening John Kell VIEW
Advanced castrate-resistant prostate cancer Neil Fleshner VIEW
Checkpoint inhibitors in oncology Urban Emmenegger VIEW
Medical management of BPH/male LUTS/OAB/nocturia Dean Elterman VIEW
Interventional management of LUTS/OAB Jack Barkin VIEW
Testosterone deficiency Ethan Grober VIEW
Genital urologic dermatology Andrew Feifer VIEW
Management of the elderly OAB patient: What is the evidence for ‘anticholinergic load’? Sender Herschorn VIEW
Perioperative management of anticoagulants Ben Bell VIEW
Osteoporosis in men and those with prostate cancer Angela Cheung VIEW
Medical management of pain Uttam Kalicharran VIEW
London nights: How to get a couch potato moving Robert Petrella VIEW
Assessing life expectancy in males Shabbir Alibhai VIEW
Cannabis for medical purposes and sexual response Alan Bell VIEW
Physician health: Mental & physical Michael Paré VIEW