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Bladder Cancer

Blue Light Cystoscopy – Ready for Prime Time? Ian Brown VIEW
Peri-Operative Pathways in Bladder Surgery (ERAS & VTE Prophylaxis) Jehonathan Pinthus VIEW
Bladder Preservation in 2017 Christopher B. Allard VIEW
Neo-Adjuvant vs. Adjuvant Chemotherapy for Invasive Bladder Cancer – Where are we now in 2017? Som Mukherjee VIEW
Update on Immuno-Oncology for Advanced Bladder Cancer  Sebastien Hotte VIEW
Evolving Role of Immuno-Oncology in Bladder Cancer – What the Urologist Needs to Know Bobby Shayegan VIEW
Optimal Regional Baldder Cancer Care - Panel Discussion Sebastien Hotte, Himu Lukka, Jehonathan Pinthus, Bobby Shayegan VIEW
Bladder Cancer Cases Marie Dion, Jeffrey James Shoebridge VIEW

Kidney Cancer

Thermal Ablation – Not Just for Non-Operative Patients? Sriharsha Athreya VIEW
Stereo Tactic Radiotherapy for Kidney Cancer  Anand Swaminath VIEW
Robotic vs. Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy  Anil Kapoor VIEW

Advanced Kidney Cancer

Adjuvant Therapy for High Risk for Recurrence Disease  Anil Kapoor VIEW
KEYNOTE LECTURE: First and Second Line Options for Advanced Renal Cell Cancer including Immuno-Oncology trials  Christian Kollmannsberger VIEW
The Physician Factor in Quality of Care Michael Bonert VIEW

Prostate Cancer

Prostate MRI and Fusion Biopsy Sangeet Ghai VIEW
Imaging in Prostate Cancer Katherine Zukotynski VIEW
Cytoreductive Prostatectomy in Advanced Disease - Surgical Bobby Shayegan VIEW
Cytoreductive Prostatectomy in Advanced Disease - Radiation Himu Lukka VIEW
Prostate Cancer Cases Kamal Mattar VIEW

Prostate-Caner (Metastic)

Bone Targeted Therapies – What is the Current Role? Anil Kapoor VIEW
mCRPC Update Sebastien Hotte VIEW
Prostate Cancer Cases Theos Tsakiridis VIEW

Testes Cases

KEYNOTE LECTURE: Optimal Care for Testes Cancer Patients – How we do it in British Columbia Christian Kollmannsberger VIEW
Testes Cancer Care in Ontario – How we do it Som Mukherjee VIEW